Flash Fiction Friday: This Veteran’s Zest

Okay, so this week is another “cheat” for me – I’m sharing an old flash/poetry piece of mine. I still love it to this day. The reason for not having a newly written piece this week is due to a quickly approaching deadline for the short story contest I have entered. I have until tomorrow night to finish my 2400 short story for NYCMidnight.com’s competition. This competition places writers in different heats, and then randomly assigns a Genre, Event, and Character that you must include in your story. For my heat, we are to write a thriller involving a flood with a teenager in love. Hopefully I’ll be able to share the story with you here at some point because I am pretty happy with it so far.

For now though, please enjoy the read bellow – it is a tale within a tale.

This Veterans Zest

Why do the tides dwindle into flickers,
Creating kindle glimmered of their former selves?
Days endured wanting of ooze and ichors
Or battling predators of the deepest delves.

Sight fades to thought on a distant past;
Memories enriched by scars.

Faith venerates those venturing the path
Upon the brink of purity through blackness.
Zealous steps exemplify ardent wrath,
As blood-lined sorcerers further their practice.

A zenith victored.  The time’s a’blessed.
Miracles proven through scars.

Were the young waned from wanderlust yearnings
As men neared death and our stout armies collapsed?
Against the Red Dragon’s fires burning,
Destiny watched from afar as Time relapsed.

Placated sinners no further stressed;
Vengeance bears new sets of scars.

These days imbue grass with sweet, em´rald hues;
These nights cool the burning visions when asleep;
My wand´rings summon majestic new views;
These tired old bones stop while this old soul weeps;

Begin twisting this veteran’s zest;
A soul that wanders bears no scars.

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