A Year To Come

Going Forward Into 2016 –  My Writing

I have a few things planned for this blog – great things in my opinion. Last year I made some promises I did not keep. This year, I hope to be different. I have thought about the content I want to work on as well as what I believe you readers will enjoy. I have come up with the most sustainable posting schedule I can think of. I just hope I do not fail you all again.

I want to share my world, Cildaire, with you all. I have spent years dreaming of adventures throughout the lands and I believe it is engaging. Most of my postings will have some relationship to Cildaire.

I will break down the official segments for writebrainedramblings below, detail what they are about, and give a posting schedule for each segment.

Thus starteth the accountability.


Confessions of an Aspirant

This will be the bread and butter of the blog. Simply put, it will be my ramblings on my writing progress or lack-there-of. I tend to write from the heart on here, and mostly as a stream of consciousness. I do hope to use this as a platform to offer the advice which has worked for me, and give any tips or practices I find successful in pursing a career in writing. This series will be mostly what I am thinking, while I am thinking it. I promise to keep it from rambling…mostly.

Serial Story

This is the biggest commitment I am making to you all this year. I am blatantly stealing my buddy Will Munn’s idea to write a serialized story and post it here for you wonderful people to enjoy (or rip to shreds if you have constructive criticism). I have a few ideas on what this story will be about, but mainly my goal is to follow a couple of characters through my fantasy world, Cildaire.
Last Day of Every Month

Cildaire, A Fledgling World

This series will comprise of worldbuilding articles. I am still deciding on if the posts will be in-world or me presenting the background and rationale for different locations, factions, people, etc. within Cildaire. I was recently reintroduced to the wonderous work of Luigi Serafini, Codex Seraphinianus, and I am considering similar approach for this series.
Second Monday of Every Month

Flash Fridays

I am very excited about this segment. I cut my teeth writing flash fiction, and I miss it dearly. These pieces may or may not be “in-world”. These will alternate between the LinkPack post weeks.
Every Other Friday

Link Packs

Each post will be a review of articles and other content which I have come across and believe needs sharing with other writers and creatives. I have done these before as fill-ins for the amazingly generous KM Alexander, but he has steered away from them recently and I still love the concept. He has graciously allowed me to steal his layout and concept to continue on. The best part about this series is Will Munn and I will be alternating weeks, so make sure you follow him at liamwrites.com.
Every Other Friday

The real reason for this post is to set expectations for myself for writebrainedramblings going forward. I want to be a regular blogger. I want to share my journey, writing or otherwise, with others. If just one person who reads my blog can relate to my struggles and get a bit of strength or courage or wisdom from my words, then 2016 will be a success. In some ways I am setting a very low bar. In some ways I am setting the highest bar possible.

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Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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