The Right Time to Write

My career, simply put, keeps me moving. I travel within the local area about 50% of my time with an additional 10-15% of long distance travel. I unfortunately do not have as consistent of a schedule as I would like. I also have a career when I am constantly on the computer so some days, when I come home from work, the last thing I want to do is stare at a computer some more.

What I am finding is that, for me, there are going to be a lot of days that aren’t conducive to me writing on a schedule. I won’t have a cell phone alarm chirping at me to, as Patrick Rothfuss wrote on his hand, “Sit your ass down and write”. I have to grind out eight hours, come home, take care of TheNecessaries around the house, and then find the gumption to write for a couple of hours. Does this mean that I am not dedicated enough if I don’t find that drive? I sure as hell hope not.

So plan on seeing me make intermittent postings here, much like this one. I am sitting at a health fair answering questions as they come up and creating a sweaty ass imprint on my vinyl covered chair. Ah, the inspiration!

I have decided that due to my hectic life (and I completely acknowledge that other authors have equally if not more hectic lives than me) I just need to force the right time on occasion and use these opportunities to write, clear my head, and reflect on what has been written and what needs to be worked on next – to plan, brainstorm, work in my writing bible, and blog.

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