NaNoWriMo: Day Two – Update and Snippet

Today was a bit more flimsy than yesterday. I wasn’t as productive, yet I still exceeded the average daily amount factored for the entire month. I am not sure that will be enough though, what with my holiday travel plans. Here’s to hoping that tomorrow is better – even with the interruption of Endger’s Game in the IMAX at 2:00.

I have a snippet – this is the first time that I have explored my MC, Parl, losing his mind and unleashing his magic for the first time. The scene was intense, and I am sure that I am quite far away from it being as eloquent and terrifying as it needs to be. This paragraph came towards the end of today’s writing, and that is why I think it has stuck out as one of the better sections.

Katrissa’s face drained of all color as she watched Parl burn chunks of hair and flesh from his scalp. Bile rose in her throat. Behind Parl, the bushes were now igniting, spiderwebs of fire spreading out along tight, gnarled branches within the larger shapes of the pruned perimeter. His face was maniacal, twisted in a rage that bespoke heartbreak and terror. She remembered that face well. It was the face father wore when mother jumped on the back of a horse and rode away nearly twelve years ago. It was an expression that would fade into the recesses of the eyes, but never leave. It was the face that paced back and forth, waiting for some calling, little or not, to bring it back out of the den of calm and into the black night of rage.

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    1. wordrew

      Well, the Ender’s Game viewing fell through, so I cannot even use that as an excuse at this point. The journey is good, I just hit a speed bump yesterday, is all.
      Thanks for the support!

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