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I had another breakthrough yesterday, thanks to ShanShan. We met up at a bakery to write for a while before attending a writer’s group in the area. We barely wrote a word. Instead, I talked about what problems I was having with my prologue (backstory style, not middle-of-the-book-major-event style). I thought I had it figured out before – then I hit my first roadblock during the actual writing process. You can see any other post on my blog about other roadblocks that I have hit before the writing process has begun.

I bounced some ideas off of her. She gave me some insight. She also posed a What If to me and outlined the reasoning behind the question. I now have a secret language between twin brothers based on stacking cairns . I am not sure if I will work on anything linguistic about them – at this point they are just for flavor.

I also worked out the problems that I was having with PoV and the flip-flopping of. Writing a story about twin brothers and wanting each to have their own story told seemed pretty daunting to me. I have a simple fix now – alternate PoVs by chapter. It is either painfully obvious solution to most of you reading this, or a terrible foible that should never be used. I will just have to wait and see. Even though I only wrote 400 words yesterday, I think they were stronger due to ironing out a few things first.

My point is, if I have one, that I am still finding out what works for me. I mentioned in a tweet that perhaps DragonSpeak or some other software is the way to go for me – this lends credence to that notion. I mentioned writing by hand could work. I think it has been great for bullet pointing how a scene or chapter should flow. This process, although frustrating at times, is becoming more rewarding every day. To me, discovering who you are as a writer is the goal and the story is the vehicle to get you there.

SideNote: The Twitterverse has opened doors to encouragement, wisdom, and drive. I have found the extra gumption to get my ass moving on this.

I have to write about 2200 words a day for the rest of July to meet my CampNaNoWriMo goal, and I am still feeling positive about it. I think I will make up my time on the weekends and during write-ins that @ShanBradshaw, @UtahRichie and myself (@wordrew) will be holding.

If you are on Twitter, follow me if you want. Give me all of your writing advice. I will continue with my blog and tweets – if anything strikes you as motivational or some such, you are welcome to it!

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  1. Drew, you are totally ROCKING it. You are a serious source of inspiration for me. I love that you’re open to all of these different ways to experience writing, and I LOVE the idea of the twin brothers. If you ever need a first reader for a first sloppy draft, or a reader after it’s out there in the world, please let me know. I would love to read your work!

    1. wordrew

      Lauren, you are the BEST! I need to get going on my blogging again – it’s just been a whirlwind since finding out about being an expectant dad. Half of the time my blogs are reflections of yours, so this is just full-circle. A perpetual inspiration engine if you will.
      I will gladly take you up on the offer to read! I have 2 people who are willing to be Beta readers for me (although they might die of old age before I finish the book 😉 and I would love your insight as well.

      You are giving me the inspiration to write a new post now, actually. Thank you.

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