Friday Link Pack: 3/18/16

Welcome to another week of the Friday Link Pack. I’ll apologize up front about the delay in this one getting out – due to the timezone differences from my normal abode in Utah to this amazing sunny paradise in Maui, it’s getting posted 4 hours later than normal. I hope you can forgive me. The delay in posting did allow me to add one more article to the FLP though, and I am so very happy that it turned out this way.


Breaking Your Manuscript Into Chapters by Ksenia Anske

This is another beginner/novice writers advice article that discusses how start a book, notate key ideas that spring up along the way, and use those later to fill in your book. Here is the gem that resonated with me the most:

Instead of focusing on chapters focus on the scenes.

I started my for-realsies writing in college under the tutelage of an amazing flash fiction writer, Sean Aden Lovelace. The entire semester was spent reading, writing, and examining flash fiction and it had deep impact on how I approach the craft. I didn’t know how large of an impact it was until I stopped practicing the craft for a few years and decided to return to it. When I write today, I write snapshots – vivid, intricate snapshots of something that calls to me. It is how I was taught to write flash in my formative years as a “real writer”. I’ve been thinking on this for quite some time now, and I have come to realize that it is my strength and weakness as a writer. This next part will be a never and always statement, which means it is intrinsically broken. I never have a problem finding an interesting snapshot in my mind to write about, but I always have trouble finding a way to string these snapshots together. It is masochism for me to write this way and have the dream of writing epic fantasy. That is why some of the advice in the above article resonates so well with me. I write the scenes that pop into my head, and then fill in the gaps with more scenes. One my second draft (I’m guessing it would be the second one), I will have closed the chasms between my first set of scenes into nothing more than wide rivers of which I can wade across. From there, I believe I can sew the scenes together into a homogeneous story.

Neil Gaiman on How Stories Last by Maria Popova @ Brain Pickings

I am seriously considering creating a permanent Neil Gaiman section for my FLPs. He seems to pop up in every other post of mine. I have accepted Mr. Gaiman as our generation’s guru on writing, creativity, and being fucking awesome. He is a personal hero of mine and I strive to attain one tenth of his knowledge. There are too many deeply intersting gems in this article, so please go find your own. I have nestled mine neatly in my armpit and will dive to great depths to ensure you do no steal it.

Why I’m Giving Up on Being Published by Woz Flint @ Brevity

This is a great artcle that helped me realign my perspective on why I write. I love to tell stories, and when the notion of being paid for it first hit me, I believe a slow, imperceptible leak sprung in me. I now have the ideas of multi-books deals, movie and TV rights, fan signings at huge conventions and other such Gaiminian and Rothfussian adventures. Woz Flint (such a badass name, btdubs) ends the artcile by saying:

Instead, I’ll just write. And maybe, just maybe, that bubblegum sass and glory will open that gateway once again.

I think it is always a great idea to revist what ignited the burning desire to write int he first place, and nestle up next to its warm, embracing glow and stay there. Get to know that inspiration intimately and, in turn, it will keep you true on your journey and in your writing.

Publication Stuff

Q&A with Michael Ripplinger (Author of a New YA Novel: Yesterday’s Demons) by Will Munn @ liamwrites

This is great little discussion with first time indie author, Michael Ripplinger, about his journey in writing Yesterday’s Demons. I have been a partial beta reader for portions of this book, and I thoroughly enjoyed the chapters I read. Go learn more about Rip, his conquest to conquer fears, and his extreme love of cereal. Also, pre-order Yesterday’s Demons, you won’t regret it!


I’m just going to leave these little beauties right here. If you are a Gaiman fan, then you should already know this. If you are a Dark Tower fan, then you should already know this as well. So much excitement going on with movies and TV announcements!


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