Friday Link Pack: 1/8/16

Happy Friday everyone! Drew here. This is the first week of taking over the Link Pack posts that the wonderful KM Alexander usually posts and I hope it lives up to the standards set forth by him. Myself and Will Munn over at iWriteSciFi will be alternating weeks but promise to send out mostly relevant articles pertaining to writing or any of our other interests. Today I share articles pertaining to resolutions writing contests and conventions, and probably a bit of nonsense along the way. So, without further ado…


23 Short Story Competitions of 2016
Aerogramme Writer’s Studio has compiled a list of competitions if you are feeling like now is the time to send out your work. I am a person who needs deadlines in order to produce (hence the big commitment post I made last week), so I will be eyeing a few of these. It’s always great when you can send a submission out and potentially win money – if you get feedback from the contest, even better.

Life, the Universe, and Everything – LTUE a Writers Symposium
LTUE is one of my new favorite writing conferences in Utah. It may be the biggest (I ain’t fact checking that), but it is the most enjoyable. This year’s dates run from February 11th through the 13th, with day and evening panels and pitch session slots, as well as a gaming round and a charity Magic the Gathering draft (last year I played against the amazing Dan Wells). I attended last year as a guest panelist and moderator, initially invited due to my seat on the podcast. This year I am attending as a guest, and look forward to the rest of my local writing group joining along as well. They offer multiple different tracks so writers of every bend can find content that is applicable. I have enjoyed getting to know new authors, editors, and other people within the industry through this conference. It is entirely volunteer organized and students get in free, so a big bonus for local denizens of the Wasatch Front.

7 Deadly Sins of Writing by JS Morin
I am going to start by saying that I don’t necessarily agree with everything in here. Also, this is from 2013, but he just retweeted it, so I’ll count it. As I read through the post, one of the most famous authors of our time kept popping into my head – or maybe it was just an image a very weird hat. I know there are numerous authors that fall into these categories, but what I found most interesting is how I have already started falling into some of these traps, without having a finished manuscript yet. I find myself thinking in terms of trilogies instead of one great book. I definitely want to establish myself as a full-time writer and make a career out of it – if fame and riches come, I’ll try to stay humble.


Woody Guthrie’s List of “New Years Rulin’s” from KM Alexander
Here is a post from the man who passed the FLP torch on to myself and Will Munn. Of course, it is completely in tune with the beginning of the year. I believe every Creative should have a list of aspirations and while Guthrie’s is chock-full of the most practical aspirations I have seen. I am not surprised to see some resolutions, like eating better, have been made for over seventy years. There is a gritty humbleness to his words. Perhaps if we all looked more inwards with our resolutions, things might get a little better. Instead of, “My New Year’s Resolution is to taste the signature cupcake of every Utah company to win Cupcake Wars”, perhaps we should look to Guthrie and “Learn People Better.”

16 Elevating Resolutions for 2016 Inspired by Some of Humanity’s Greatest Minds from Brain Pickings
Doesn’t the title just roll off the tongue? This is a list of resolutions in stark contrast to Mr. Guthrie’s and some of them are a bit pretentious in my opinion. Some of these resolutions sound like they were conceived over an entire year, each word meticulously selected for just the right amount of loftiness. I think there are some noble pursuits here, but I’m a baby-step kinda guy, so I embrace small victories like “Change Sock” rather than pursuing world peace.

To be honest, that is all I have for this week. I haven’t read a ton of articles since before the holidays, so I don’t have a large frame of reference this time around.

Tune in next week to Will Munn over at iWriteSciFi for his turn at the FLP as well as here for my first go at Flash Fiction for the year.


I’ll just leave this here.

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