Friday Link Pack: 02/21/14

This is the second week in which I will cover K.M. Alexander’s Link Packs whilst he is away playing with ‘roos and didgeridoos.


8 Female Characters Who Deserve Their Own Books

Although I have not read all of these books, the arguments for each character seems valid. I would love to read a story focusing on Miss Havisham and how she came to be the bitter old bat that she was. I am sure if this list were expanded, we would find a female character from a Flannery O’Connor novel in here as well.

The Twitter tale of Jeffery the Housefly

I think that this is a fantastic idea, to be honest. Pullman is fantastic, and should have received much more attention pre-Harry Potter. I did not read through the entire story, but what I did read was as whimsical, odd, and random as the premise itself. I now follow Pullman on Twitter just for this reason.

Writing Class Videos and Updates

KM has an older post (found here) that shared a series of videos recorded in Brandon Sanderson’s Creative Writing class at BYU. This new post at Sanderson’s website showcase newer videos that also address writing – they are definitely worth a watch.

Why Being Creative is a Lot Less Difficult than You Think

I especially like what is said about drugs/alcohol and how each substance really had more to do with the time period than any actual effects that were experienced.  I am reading Stephen King’s On Writing currently, and he alludes to the fact that, during his college years, most of the writers were full of shit, praising their Muse and scoffing at anyone who didn’t understand what their writing meant. Perhaps Opium is a ‘free-er of the mind’ but I ain’t trying it, and it probably had more to do with the glamor of the drug at the time than anything else. Hemmingway and Fitzgerald drank a lot of Absinthe though. I do a bit, and I like where my head is at after a drink or two of that, but it hasn’t yet correlated with my Muse descending upon me with golden words.


Four Things We Can Learn from Embracing our Limitations

This a great post tied to a great TEDtalk that says ‘Its okay to have limitations”. I especially love the part about “showing up for the process” – I am definitely guilty of living too far in the future when it comes to my career as a writer, and I need to just show up and embrace the journey.

Farewell Gif of the Week:

Sometimes a stumble in life can lead to something pretty badass…. Keep your head up.

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