Confessions of an Aspirant: Writing Update

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This is a pretty impromptu post from me, but I feel it is the absolute best post to help kick off the Confessions of an Aspirant series. If you remember from my A Year to Come post, this series will be my random postings about my writing progress, thoughts on the craft, and any advice I may have.

So, let’s cut right to the chase. I had an inkling on Wednesday that perhaps I had a wildly successful month of writing in January. I decided to do a review of all of my writing for the month. I pulled my blog posts (after all, those are new words). I pulled my new short stories, of which I have TWO! I tallied my words.

That is when the lumpy constriction formed in my throat. I redid the word count tool because I was dumbfounded. Surely, there was a mistake, so I deleted the document and started over. I pulled my blog posts and my stories again. I ran the word count tool again. And this is what I saw.

11,832 words.

I am still a bit shocked by the number to be honest. Almost 12,000 words written in thirty-one days. For me, that is a record (perhaps my senior year in college beats it, but that was more analytical stuff, not creative). I have a friend who wrote 50,000 words in a week once, but she is a freak of nature. I know my buddy KM Alexander writes a lot more than that, but he is basically a professional. If I can write 12,000 new words every month, I will be satisfied with my efforts in this endeavor. Before doing this exercise, I was never able to say I was satisfied with my attempts to write. Ever. I have been thinking about this non-stop since I ran the word count tool. I’ve decided it is deeper than the number of words – it is much more significant than that. For the first time in my life, I have proven to myself I am capable of being consistent with my writing, For that reason, I may have wept a bit.

So here is a quick breakdown of what I wrote in January.

A Year Gone By
A Year to Come
Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge
2x Friday Link Packs
Serial Story Part 1 – Raven and Bluebird Feathers

Outside of those posts, I also completed a short story for the nycmidnight.com short story challenge. I h ave not posted this story yet, because I have not looked into the rules of the competition enough to know if I can share it publicly. It came in at 2,308 words and was an interesting challenge. The contest places you in heats of about 20 writers each, and each heat is given its own randomly chosen parameters. For my heat, Heat 20, we were given a genre assignment of Thriller, which had to have a Flood event, and have a Teenager In Love character. I went a bit darker than anticipated, but it snugly fits in the realm of Psychological Thriller. It was a new experience for me, and forced me to write outside of my normal fantasy genre. I am glad for it for just that reason.

Ultimately, I made a commitment to this blog and to you readers. I have not missed a scheduled post yet for the month, and it gets easier and easier as I grow accustomed to the writing schedule. Thank you all for the support. As much as I am happy to provide you with content, I am 100 times more happy with my personal progress.

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