Let’s Work Together

Builder of Worlds   Developer of Themes   Freelancer for Hire


As a long-time writer, I bring experience and enthusiasm to any project that I sign on for. I have an extensive background in literature, creative writing, art, and enough professional experience to understand how a collaborative process should work.

Credentials: Co-Theme Developer for AetherMagic board game. Panelist at FantasyCon, Salt Lake Comic Con, and LTUE, speaking as a subject-matter expert on Geek culture and all things fantasy.


This is the exciting part! I would love to hear what your needs are, and how you envision me as part of that process. I am flexible with responsibilities. I am eager to make your project incredible. Let’s chat soon.

Expertise: Fantasy is my specialty – I am equally versed in heavy and light fantasy. I love magic systems, world-building, and have a knack for naming people and places. Sci-fi is another strength of mine, but I’m less strong with hard science fiction content. As a quirky subset, I am a home-brewer and possess a great knowledge of the processes pertaining to brewing beer and hard cider – if you need advice relating to that for your project, you may not get me to shut up.


Now. Tomorrow. Next week. Whenever works for you!

I am in a position where my availability should be flexible enough to accommodate your project. Although I maintain a career in corporate training, I am committed to my writing career and will ensure enough dedicated time to your project to make it a success.


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