About [Creative]

drew_colorThis is me, the professional side – shirt, tie, and the lack of a really manly beard. I like to think of myself as more relaxed than this – jeans, hoodie, and as much beard as I want.

In my heart, I am a writer. In my mind, I am a writer. At Barnes & Noble, no one has heard of me. I don’t have a plethora of epubs or manuscripts or queries even. There are a lot of contributing factors to the issue of my inner voice and the actualization of my dream. Ultimately though, the issue is that I am afraid to live that dream. I am terrified to become a writer.

I intend to write within the fantasy genre but sometime struggle to know if I am a YA writer, and epic writer, or a RPG-based writer. I have always been fascinated with world-building, magic systems, and fantastical landscapes and chose to explore characters who are overcoming an internal conflict or who are underestimated.

It is my sincerest hope that this blog grants me the courage to write consistently. I want nothing more than to transition from talker to doer. From aspirer to actualizer. I have listened to authors speak on the importance of blogging. I have also read blogs about the importance of blogging, but that seems pretty self-satisfying. Regardless, I understand that these minutes spent will be invaluable for clearing my head, helping me write concisely, and further improve my craft.